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PLATEAU, a song from NIRVANA’s “MTV UNPLUGGED”live show, is actually originated from another band called ”Meat Puppet”. 
We named our brand after this. The main idea of the lyrics is “ Imagine we are on the way to a plateau, and we don’t know what can be found on the top. Perhaps there is nothing on it, you have to walk there yourself and see what’s going on.” The brand holds this spirit to do whatever we want to do.

Every collection is done by the way we like without restrictions and collaborated with artists from time to time. We strongly believe that the story of our brand will be carried out through to the end.

 Brand philosophy : All the topics are surrounded by the stories of teenagers in Taipei city, and we use these topics and images to draw the target audience we want. Lastly, inject these idea to the concept of the design.
• Brand collaborations : In order to create more economic benefits and brand reputations, we do it through the collaboration with other brands, artists and stores. We spent a lot of effort on doing this which we also view as a big part of our brand universe.
• Brand vision : Do something for Taiwan artistic industry, and help to better blend in with the public. Also popularize the aesthetics by promoting the local culture.